UAS (Drone) Information and Notification

This page has BASIC UAS information and links to the State and Federal Government websites.  We also have a link to a submission form to let us know about your anticipated/planned flights.

Drone Tracking —
Airmap We have noticed that this app will NOT work in Chrome. It does work in Internet Explorer and Firefox. As we are NOT the developers, we do not know any other details.

FAA’s website portal for information: Fly for Fun

Minnesota Department of Transportation – Aviation Commercial Operations License

This form will assist with your notification of flight requirements. We would prefer a phone call so that we can get all information. This form has fields for Name, email, and phone. in the Activity Description please include the following information: Location of Flight; either by address or Latitude & Longitude, Start and End times fo your flight, and the HEIGHT that you will be flying at. This is all REQUIRED information. Remember, you are responsible for getting us the information, and to fly responsibly.

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