SWAG for sale.

Get your Fleming Field SWAG here. Actually, you’ll have to come to the airport to get it. We have a list of the items below. The apparel has the Fleming Field Logo on the left chest. The ball caps have the logo in the center. The tie down rope sets (3 ropes per set) are rated at >3000# strength, which exceeds the FAA minimum requirements. As apparel is sold we will be getting more in stock. Feel free to stop by and check out sales case.

Baseball Caps$15.00
Copies$0.25 + TaxPer Page
Denim Long Sleeve Shirts$35.00$2.00 Additional for XXL
Fax$0.25 + TaxPer Page
Gate Card$20.00 + Tax
Polo shirts$35.00$2.00 Additional for XXL
Printing $0.25 + TaxPer Page
Sweat Shirts$30.00$2.00 Additional for XXL
Tie Down Rope (3 ropes per set)$15.00 + Tax
3 Strand Twisted Nylon Rope 3/8" dia. Working Load Limit 379 Lb; Tensile Strength 3795 Lb (FAA Approved Rope).
Urea (50# bag)$20.00 + TaxUsed for snow melt INSIDE the fence.