Hangars for Sale or Rent

The following list is ADVISORY in nature only. We are providing this list as a courtesy only, please use the contact information listed. Airport staff has NO INFORMATION on these properties.

Hangar Rentals:
233E Charlie233E Charlie Lane South Facing T-Hangar, $250.00/month available October 01 thru May 01 (winter months only) Contact Mike @ 651-208-3791, Posted 12/18/15

1662 Cessna — Hook’em Cow Hangar, $260 +utilities, Contact Jim @ 316-259-8881 Posted 3/16/16.

1693 Cessna — Hook’em Cow Hangar, Contact 651-453-9180 Posted 8/2/16.

Hangars for Sale:
249 Delta249 Delta Lane 60 X 60 $200,000, Contact 612-709-9646 posted to web 11/12/15
1660B Ercoupe1660B Ercoupe T-Hangar Contact 651-292-9497 or 612-709-9646 Posted to Web 11/17/15
1620 Henry Ave1600 Cessna Lane East Facing Hangar, room for 5 planes asking $125,000.00 Contact Denise Brohoski 503-309-5106 Posted 2/9/16

Commercial Properties for Sale or Lease
1600 Henry Ave1600 Henry Ave; For Lease Corporate Offices, Hangar Space, Flight School or Commercial use Contact 612-867-6160 Posted to web 11/17/15
1620 Henry Ave1620 Henry Ave; For Sale or Lease Hangar/Office Space Contact Don 952-210-1915 Posted to web 11/17/15