Hangar, Ramp, and Tie-Down information

Hangar Information

With over 330 based aircraft, Fleming Field provides pilots a great location for visiting the Twin Cities or basing an aircraft. As a non-MAC controlled airport, Fleming Field provides many freedoms and economic benefits for based aircraft. Freedom from landlords; the ability to design your perfect space; and the knowledge that you are adding to your fiscal wealth and financial well-being.

Tie Down Rates:
-Nightly       $5.00
-Weekly      $20.00

Ramp Fees
Single Prop No Charge
Dual Prop              $10.00   *30 Gal
Turbine                   $20.00   *60 Gal
Jet                             $30.00   *100 Gal
*fees waived with fuel purchase

City T-Hangars
2016 Rates

City T-Hangar North Side
– 40-foot door / 940 sq. ft.
– 12 Units
$244.00 monthly

City T-Hangar South Side
– 42-foot door / 1040 sq. ft
– 20 Units
$265.50 monthly

City T-Hangars are fully partitioned and require registration of licensed aircraft. Tenants are responsible for electric utilities ($8-12 average per month).

The City keeps a waiting list for those wanting to rent T-Hangars. Please email Airport@flemingfield.com for details.

*Additionally, rental of private owned hangar space is occasionally available. Call the Airport Manager’s office (651) 554-3350 to check for availability of privately owned hangars.

Transient Hangars

Lysdale Flying Service
340 Airport Road
-Single engine      $50.00/night
-Twin engine         $75.00/night

*All rates are nightly & hangars are heated.

Short Term Hangar Storage
The “Airport” does not have short-term hangar space available. However, here is a  link to the airport that MAY have some space: Short Term Hangar Space.

Hangar Door Repair
We have had many of you call or stop by looking for someone to repair/replace your hangar door. We have contact information for one such business. They are TBS Industrial Doors out of North Liberty, Iowa. Their phone number is 319-626-3667 or 1-800-373-3667. We have some of their cards in our office.

Looking to own or build at Fleming Field? Contact the Airport Manager’s Office (651) 554-3350. Fleming Field has building lots available to custom build hangars. There are currently 40 hangar sites available. Please check out our West Side opportunities at West Side Land & Hangar Opportunities