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There is much more to the Wipaire operation than aircraft float manufacturing. Wipaire is also a full service aircraft repair/modification facility, Cessna Authorized Service Station, and a Pratt & Whitney gas turbine engine overhaul & repair facility. Our South St. Paul, MN facility is capable of performing many different services for aircraft including modification, maintenance, avionics, upholstery, aircraft rentals, and paint, as well as, complete service to all float products.




Sierra Hotel Aero

Sierra Hotel Aero is a full service maintenance center specializing in both modern and vintage single and twin aircraft. SHA, INC is also FAA/PMA certified and the Type Certificate holder for the Navion aircraft. Our services include inspection, repair, modification and installation for, airframe, structural, avionics, ADS-B, engine, electrical, fuel and control systems. We are the number one installer of Ballistic Parachute systems for Cessna aircraft and a dealer/install center for Aspen, Avidyne, Electronics Intl. Freeflight and more. We are experienced in most GA aircraft including Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Mooney, Navion and many more.

After hours Maintenance available. Call or text 612-518-6507.

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Advanced Aviation Inc.

A full service maintenance shop, that focuses on single engine and small twin general aviation aircraft. Services include annuals, major and minor sheet metal repairs, and engine repairs.
Call 952-412-3395 for more information.



Fire Boss, LLC

The Fire Boss is the most economic solution with low operating and acquisition costs, outstanding dispatch reliability and amazing versatility.

The aircraft is created by Wipaire, Inc., who has been designing aircraft floats for over 50 years. The company’s expertise has generated products used worldwide. Through innovative product development, Wipaire created Fire Boss, LLC to ensure that the rigorous quality and service needs of the fire fighting industry are attended to with the highest priority.


Philson Aviation

— Power Flow Dealer
— Alternator Repair; General Aviation Aircraft Repairs


Alpha Aviation Inc.

Welcome to! Your #1 Source for Aircraft Jacks, 3 Point Diagonal Airplane Seat Belts and Ercoupe STC’s!

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Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS)

Manufacturers of Whole Aircraft Parachute Systems
•Seatbelts and airbags for cars…
•Helmets for bicycles and motorcycles…
•Safety Glasses for your eyes…
•Why not a Parachute for your plane?

Someday a parachute recovery system for aircraft will be as commonplace as these accepted safety systems.

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Aerotechnique is a professional aviation maintenance organization that puts quality, safety, and value at the forefront of its services.  We are located at the very north end of the field in a well equipped 6000+ Ft2 facility.  Our services include all of the traditional aviation maintenance and inspection services that you would expect in a professional organization. All work is performed by trained, licensed, & experienced technicians who stand behind the high standards we have established. Additionally, we are completely prepared to address the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2020 mandate of equipping aircraft with ADS-B functionality. Aerotechnique is a fully insured and licensed commercial operator in the state of Minnesota. Call (651) 783-2448 for more information.

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Landmark Architectural Signs

Landmark Architectural Signs is a sign consulting company offering a full-turnkey service model from planning and design, code compliance to fabrication, installation and service/maintenance.

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