Flight Instructors/Instruction

To have your business listed on this page you will need to have  things:
1. You have to maintain a presence on the airfield either by owning, leasing, or renting hangar space.
2. You must have a license from the State of Minnesota to do business as an Instructor.
3. You must have proper up-to-date insurance covering your activity.

Discovery Flights
If you have received a gift, or Groupon for Discovery Flight(s) or have purchased a package that includes Discovery Flight(s) please be advised that the Fleming Field Management does not handle these flights. HOWEVER,  Air Trek North can assist you with your flight.

AirTrek North
Visit Site: Air Trek North

At the current time, AirTrek is by appointment only, there isn’t anyone manning office.
Air Trek north

Air Trek North’s Flight School offers Accelerated Flight Training or Flight Training on YOUR schedule, not ours.
If you’re like most people considering first-time flying lessons, you have probably dreamed of flying since you were a kid.
I talk to people every day who have spent years longing to experience the thrill that comes from sitting in the pilot’s seat, hands on the controls, the world dropping away and their horizons expanding with every passing moment.
With our flight training program, learning to fly doesn’t have to be a distant dream. You can do it… faster and more affordable than you probably think, with the right blend of motivation, equipment, and instruction.
Are you ready to let your dream take flight? Your Dream Starts Today!  This office is open by appointment only.  Please contact their main office to scheduling needs.

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