Does the City have a plan or a budget for planting new trees in boulevards that are wide enough to accommodate a tree?

The City has a budget for tree work and that budget is currently dedicated to the removal of dead and dying trees in parks and boulevards. In September 2017, the City completed a tree inventory of its parks and boulevards and determined that it owned 1,724 ash trees which are now all either dead or dying due to emerald ash borer. These publicly owned ash trees are a total loss and are in the process of being removed. The removal effort was originally on schedule to be completed sometime in 2026 or 2027 but ash trees are dying very rapidly and becoming hazardous so the City is exploring what the cost would be to hire additional 3rd party contractors to speed up the work. 

The City has successfully obtained two grants from the DNR to help with the removal and replacement of some trees that were killed by emerald ash borer. Kaposia Landing, Kaposia Park, Lorraine Park, Northview, and parts of the 7th Avenue boulevard have received new trees through the DNR grant program. Currently, City replanting projects are completely reliant upon grant dollars since the budget for tree work is entirely dedicated to tree removal.

When a residential street is reconstructed, part of the project budget goes towards planting new trees in the boulevard. Street reconstruction projects are funded through a combination of general fund dollars and assessments against benefitting properties. The City has a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which lays out a roadmap for which streets need to be reconstructed in upcoming years.

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