Hardman Triangle Redevelopment Plan (2020)

Hardman Triangle

In 2019, Staff worked with the Cunningham Group to create a vision for the redevelopment of the Hardman Triangle. The Hardman Triangle is a triangular-shaped superblock located at the northeast corner of Grand Avenue and Concord Street. The 22-acre block sits strategically between the residential neighborhoods of South St. Paul and the Mississippi River.

Historically, the Hardman Triangle was a part of the Swift Company meatpacking property. The meatpacking industry and the Swift and Armour Plants closed in the late 1960s. The City purchased much of the land that made up the Swift and Armour Plants to create the Bridgepoint Industrial Park. The Hardman Triangle properties were excluded from this purchase which resulted in differing development quality and consistency between the Hardman Triangle and the Bridgepoint Industrial Park. 

In an effort to modernize the area, the City commissioned a market study in 1999 to establish future redevelopment options. This study envisioned office and manufacturing uses within the area site; however, no development of this type took place, and the focus on redeveloping the site fell out of view.

In recent years, the City has identified the Hardman Triangle as a key focus area for redevelopment. A market study done by Maxfield Research indicated that the Hardman Triangle area would be prime for industrial and mixed-use redevelopment. With this in mind, the Cunningham Group put together the Hardman Triangle Redevelopment Plan. This plan provides a brief history of the site, goals for the site, and a concept plan for the site.

The full Hardman Triangle Redevelopment Plan can be found here.