Master Housing Assessment and Strategy

In an effort to assess the housing situation in South St. Paul and provide resources to homeowners, the City Council directed staff to put together a Master Housing Strategy and Assessment. This strategy was prepared with the assistance of the Housing Task Force. 

The following document provides:

  • Provide a detailed assessment of the current housing market within the City, and identify gaps, opportunities, and potential challenges in responding to the current and anticipated housing needs.
  • Establish an action plan and recommendations based on findings which include clearly defined and measurable goals and action steps.
  • Constitute policies and potential programs to provide guidance to the City as they implement the MHAS.
  • Generate cost estimates and potential funding strategies/sources.

Master Housing Strategy and Assessment

Appendix A - South St. Paul Housing Background Memo

Appendix B - Maxfield Market Study

Appendix C - Minnesota Housing Partner - Market Watch