Fleming Field Amenities

Amenities available here at Fleming Field:

  1. Flight Planning room with weather computer; 
  2. Pilots lounge; 
  3. Ice machine; 
  4. Large terminal waiting room; 
  5. A conference room with audio/video capabilities;
  6. Easy access to the Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro area using various taxi services, Uber, and Lyft;
  7. Quick and easy fuel access to 24/7/365 self-service fuel points;
  8. Fuels offered: 100LL, SWIFT 94UL,  JetA w/Prist;
  9. Non-towered airport;
  10. Electrical cords for TANIS block heaters -- 2 slots only at the terminal;
  11. AEROTHERM heater units available, for rent, for engine reheating;
  12. Free WIFI in and around the terminal.

This is just a short list. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions, we would be more than happy to assist you.