City-Led Initiatives

South St. Paul - A Proven Partner in Transforming Vision to Reality

South St. Paul’s leaders understand that the City plays a critical role in advancing the City as a great place to live and do business in, and we’ve committed to making sure that City-owned assets such as parks, roadways, and sites are commensurate with the high standard our business community has illustrated in its investments in SSP.

Southview Boulevard Reconstruction (2018)


The Southview Boulevard Reconstruction project will address aging infrastructure, improve pedestrian/bicycle and transit accommodations, include streetscape elements, and manage traffic operational and safety needs. Construction is currently planned to occur in 2018 and includes Southview Boulevard between 3rd Avenue and 20th Avenue, and 3rd Avenue between Southview Boulevard and Marie Avenue. The project will build off the Southview Hill Plan's public input and land use vision to develop a roadway improvement project aimed to elevate the street's character and functionality.

Concord Exchange Streetscape (2019)

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The City is poised to prepare plans for the redesign of the Concord Exchange Streetscape in 2018, with the intention of reconstructing the corridor in 2019 to 2020. Concord Exchange is drawing interest as a dynamic mixed-use corridor, and the City is committed to meeting that interest with a commitment to assuring that the public realm maximizes the corridor’s accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics.

North Concord Reconstruction (2020 - 2021)

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This project consists of reconstruction and modernization of Concord Street (TH 156) from Hardman Avenue to 200 feet north of Annapolis Street in South St. Paul. The roadway was originally constructed in 1954 and has not been reconstructed since then. The project will modernize the roadway, upgrade the traffic signals at Wentworth and Bryant Avenues, and make the corridor more multi-modal by reducing potential traveler conflict through the addition of on-street bike lanes and continuous sidewalks.