Economic Development Strategy

The 2021-2024 South St. Paul’s Economic Development Strategy ("the Strategy") was prepared by City Staff, the Economic Development Authority, and their partners to guide efforts to support and expand the City’s economic base. The 2021-2024  Economic Development Strategy was adopted by the Economic Development Authority in April of 2021.

The Strategy contains information about local and regional housing and employment trends as well as the City's strategic goals for economic development between 2021 and 2024. The Strategy strives to enhance the foundation for policymaker decisions that will help to enhance partnerships, advance programs that pave the way for increased revenues and/or reduced costs for local businesses, and promote greater diversity in business types in the City.

The Strategy is intended to serve as a framework for economic development decisions within the City and will be updated every three years (or more frequently, as warranted) to ensure that it is reflective of current and anticipated trends, conditions, and priorities. 

To learn more about the Strategy, view the 2021-2024 Economic Development Strategy (PDF).”

2021-2024 ED Strategy