Senior Designated Public Housing 

The City of South St. Paul proudly owns and manages two federally assisted, public housing high-rise buildings which are designated for low-to-moderate-income individuals who are at least 50 years old. To comply with HUD regulations, these properties do not accept Section 8 Housing Vouchers and are both smoke-free.  

Our waiting list is currently open, and applications will be accepted online only – applications are sorted first by preference as outlined in the ACOP, and then by the date and time they were received.   

For more information on our public housing program or questions on how to apply, please call the properties directly:  

Nan McKay: (651) 288-8159

John Carroll: (651) 288-8163

Click here to apply for South St. Paul’s Senior Designated Public Housing Program: 

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Eligibility Requirements for Public Housing 

To be eligible for admission into South St. Paul's Senior Public Housing Program, an applicant must meet the following qualifications:

  • Income Limit

For an applicant to be eligible, they must meet the income limits that are in effect on the date of your move-in application. THESE INCOME LIMITS ARE DETERMINED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING & URBAN DEVELOPMENT (HUD) AND ARE UPDATED ANNUALLY.

Household Size of 1 = $55,950 maximum annual income

Household Size of 2 = $63,950 maximum annual income

  • Elderly Designation

The minimum age requirement for admission is 50 years of age. Those applicants age 62 years or older will receive a priority on the waiting list regardless of the date the pre-application was received. Elderly applicants will be housed before near-elderly applicants whenever it is possible and feasible to do so.

A list of non-economic criteria and a full list of eligibility criteria can be found here.


Rents are based on 30 percent of a tenant’s monthly adjusted income with a minimum rent of $25.00 and a maximum rent of $640.00. Heat, water, sewer, and trash are included in the rent. Tenants are responsible for the excess electricity consumed by the air conditioner ($5.00 per month year-round). Tenants are also responsible for other utility payments such as telephone, cable television, and internet service.

A security deposit equal to the total tenant rental payment or $100, whichever is greater is required.

Pet Policy

The pet policy allows for one (1) dog or cat (not exceeding 20 pounds) per apartment. The pet deposit is $200 and all pets must be vaccinated and be licensed in South St. Paul.


Each building has an assigned parking area. Street parking is also available, however, it is your responsibility to become familiar with City Codes relating to parking ordinances.

Note: To comply with HUD regulations, both high-rise buildings are Smoke-Free.

John Carroll Highrise

John Carroll Highrise

Nan McKay Highrise

Nan McKay Highrise