The City of South St. Paul’s mission is to assist with the revitalization and maintenance of the City’s housing stock; provide decent, safe, and affordable housing opportunities for seniors, families, renters, and homeowners; and help promote economic development efforts in the community. This is accomplished through the use of federal, state, and local resources.

Home Improvement Loan Programs

The City of South St. Paul has put together a list of home improvement loans that are available through local organizations for South St. Paul homeowners that are looking to make improvements to their existing homes. More information about these loans can be found here.

Master Housing Strategy and Assessment 

In 2019, the City Council directed City Staff to create a Master Housing Strategy and Assessment to provide an assessment of South St. Paul’s current state of housing and to provide recommendations on future housing policies and programs. The Master Housing Strategy and Assessment can be viewed here.

Public Housing through Nath Property Solutions

Nath Property Solutions is a private management company that manages the John Caroll and Nan McKay buildings in South St. Paul. Information about the John Caroll and Nan Mckay buildings as well as information about where to apply in available on the Public Housing page.